Reboot – the aftermath!

It’s been an interesting week, checking out all of the sites re-designed for May 1st. I did notice several sites that had either boycotted the event or missed the deadline altogether.

Of the ones that had made it, it was good to see some fresh new looks out there. And if it was the intention of Reboot to freshen up the web, if only a little, then it was a job well done!

For those of you viewing with Netscape…

I’m sorry – really I am, what with recently discovering that NS6 is miles better than I had predicted, but I just didn’t have the time to make sure this worked in your browser.

So the chances are that you cant see anything at all and it’s all a mess even if you can. But I will fix it – the plan is to make this site fully standards compliant. Although this may take a few months!

Big thanks to three.oh

Other than the needless controversy raised by varying opinion on the event’s sponsors, Reboot 2001 was a complete success for more than 1600 designers who took part in the May 1st re-launch of their sites.

A week of frantic action action and dreaming of ideas has brought you the new look site – I just wish I’d had the time to create everything I thought of. Although I love my new UltraReal, I’ll definately be taking part in Reboot next year!