Britney vs Sophie

On the forums at WipeoutZone we occasionally have discussions which go waaaay off topic. When I say way off topic, I mean like this thread that was started regarding post counts which then became a debate on the merits of Britney Spears and Sophie Ellis-Bextor!

There are very few forums where folk are relaxed enough to allow this kind of thing to just wander off without being all arsey about it, in a “this is my topic” kind of way. It’s one of the reasons I’m so proud to be part of that community at WipeoutZone and help to play a part in its continuity.

The Britney discussion developed when a forum member justified his interest in Sophie by comparing her favourably to Britney. Like a mad man, I took the batton and ran with it, sticking up for Britney and putting my rep on the line.

Why? you might ask.

Well, the reason I stick up for Britney is because on a scale of one to Aguilera, Britney has done very little to be ashamed of. I find it truly startling that someone of her age can be subjected to some vicious critical attacks.

The abuse Myleene Klass received for being in Hear’Say got to the point where she ends up breaking down on national tv recounting a story of how she was jeered in the street. To para-phrase her, she didn’t kill anyone, harm anyone or do anything to any kind of extreme that should cause the hatred she was receiving. All she did was win a tv show competition to form a band.

The fact she is a talented classical musician who ended up in a manufactured band due to her vocal prowess was something that should give her a jot more credibility, I thought. But no – being absolutely stunning seems to make the fat, ugly bitches who write gossip columns turn on you with a vengance!

Sure, celebs are well paid and live very well for their troubles, but I don’t think you can judge someone until you’ve been standing in their shoes. Nor does their celebrity status give anyone the right to victimise or slander them.

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Cat Currency

The next door neighbour’s cat, Apollo, left the very rear-most portions of a mouse on our door step last week.

Which was gross, in a very gross way, and came only days after we arrived home to find a dead bird lying on the driveway. The bird was a different story, though – apparently it had flown into our window and then slid down comedy style before dropping to the driveway. Needless to say, I got Fliss to jump out of the car and chuck the body in the bushes before I parked in the driveway. No need to turn an already festering feather pancake into GoodYear pizza.

Anyhow, back to the mouse… or the mouses ass and leg, as it were. According to Fliss (who seems to have little tidbits of information like this stored away in her sub-conscious), if a cat leaves a thing that it has caught where it can be found by humans then it is regarded by the cat as a present to the humans.

Which kind of makes sense. Kind of.

I mean, Apollo could have hidden the mouses ass anywhere, yet he chose to smear it beside our front door, when only the day before Fliss had been stroking this fierce killer while he paid us a visit.

I only wish that the neighbours owned a cat big enough to bring me the kind of present I’d find really useful. Like a Lotus Elise, for example, or at the very least a suitcase full of used banknotes.

Maybe the present is dependant upon the level of petting received by the cat?

If that’s the case then, despite my cat fur allergies, I may try and pay him a little more attention in future, just in case. If a quick stroke can score you some mouse ass then a full scale stroke with ear tickle and chin rub should be something worth persevering for! :o)

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