Tom Clancy’s Net Force: Breaking Point


Tom Clancy’s Net Force: Breaking Point

After the dreary Night Moves, the Net Force series moves back into top gear with this installment

This time the team are on the track of a professor who makes other people absent minded, using mind control.

As with all of the books in this series so far, there are several sub-plots running along in the background, with each coming to the fore when the need arises. Towards the end of the book, this is handled to great effect, with several concurrent events – leading to a gripping finale. Breaking Point is the most apt title so far!

However, unless you cant resist it, skip the sugary sweet epilogue. It dips back into Night Moves’ territory by shining the spotlight onto Alex and Toni. In defence, at least this time around Tyrone’s testosterone account is kept to a minimum!

Probably the best book in the series so far – if Night Moves put you off, jump back on the band waggon with Breaking Point.

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