Net Force : Point of Impact by Tom Clancy (et al)


Net Force : Point of Impact by Tom Clancy (et al)

Book coverI’m not entirely sure how they do it, but the Tom Clancy endorsed Net Force books seem to be getting better and better. This, to my mind, is the cream of the crop – gone are the tedious explanations about the “mysterious man who lives in isolation with the mountain goat who painstakingly builds one weapon every six months before meditating for a similar duration” every time someone pulls out a gun!

They’ve finally decided that for us to keep reading for a 5th book, we’re obviously interested in the great characters and fantastic plots the Net Force series has to offer rather than an encyclopaedic knowledge of weapons and covert tactics. The ghost writer seems to have decided we’re an intelligent bunch too, as the plot of Point of Impact is fantastic and genuinely keeps you enthralled throughout.

I read the entire book on a flight from London to LA – even when my girlfriend convinced me that I should really get some sleep, I could only tear myself away for half an hour before jumping right back in. It was made all the more fascinating by the fact that the bulk of the story is set in LA – reaching the final pages of the book as we swept over the city to LAX was a total treat!

There aren’t many books that can pick you up at the start of an eleven hour flight and carry you on a fantastic journey all the way to the end, but this one managed it with some degree of ease.

And the plot? It’s so good I recommend you to buy it and find out for yourself!

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