Not very easyJet


Not very easyJet

After delays totaling more than three hours at the weekend there, I believe my love affair with the UK’s low cost airline is over.

The first delay was forgiveable – fog had meant that our plane was diverted elsewhere and they had to source another plane. But the delay of the return flight was a glaring example of piss poor customer service. We were initially told that it had been delayed by half an hour. Later I found out that they knew that the plane hadn’t even taken off at that point, so there was no way in hell it would make it in half an hour.

It would be annoying anyway, but if they’d said “The flight will be delayed an hour and a half” we could have left the gate and gone back into the airport for some food. But for some reason best known to them, they thought they’d top up the delay time every 20 mins or so!

You get what you pay for, I suppose, but for ten pounds more we could have flown from Heathrow (only a few stops from where we live on the tube) and avoided the hassle of getting to London Luton. So the next time I have to fly back to Scotland, EasyJet will not be an option