Chandler Gooding Intranet


Chandler Gooding Intranet

CG IntranetThis site was developed over my time with the company and features a contacts list, production information, global calendar and a custom content managment system.

The site was written in PHP and runs from a MySQL database hosted on an Apache web server. The simple design was necessary to fit the constraints of screen resolution and colour definition, due to legacy computer monitors present within the company.

Although single handedly building an intranet seemed like quite a daunting task initially, it has turned out to be a fantastic learning experience and a great resource for the staff at CG. The web server I built for hosting the intranet has coped with the task quite admirably, too. Well, for a machine built from spare parts, anyway!

The second evolution of the CG Intranet went live at the beginning of November 2001. Sadly, due to the winding down of the New Media department, I’ll be leaving the intranet behind, however – I hope to keep it up to scratch on a freelance basis.