So far so good


So far so good

Well, after a week in Liverpool I can honestly say it’s been quite good fun so far. The job has been going pretty smoothly – looks like it’ll be good hard work in the next few months, but I’m looking forward to doing something I’m pretty interested in, for a change.

So far I’ve managed to avoid “Cockburn’s Syndrome” – where you leave a job and your previous employers suddenly realise you’re invaluable before swamping you with phone calls and unwanted hassle. In fact, it’s a little too quiet – I hadn’t realised I made such a good job of the Intranet at my old place!

Anyhow, I’ve found a nice flat here in Liverpool which should do for six months or so until we find somewhere more permanent. I’m getting a bit sick of moving around all over the place. A couple of years of stability would do nicely, I believe – I’m not sure my computer desk will handle another move, never mind me.