The good the bad and the scarey!


The good the bad and the scarey!

You know that they never made a Carry on Moving, right? Well I have an entire script based on the events of the last week. The moving firm chosen to transport our furniture the four hour (for a removal van) drive from London to Liverpool took six days to do it. They couldn’t even narrow it down to an exact day, no matter how many times they were called.

Add to this the fact that when they turned up they had made the most unexplainable pooch screw going, in forgetting the matress for our bed. This will be here on Saturday, we are promised. By that time it will have taken the matress nine days to take a four hour trip. The mind boggles.

Fortunately, everything else is going rather well – Wipeout Fusion launched in Europe this week and it’s been quite an exciting time at work. The best bit was the fact that I got a limited edition copy of the game, which is nice! Sadly I’ve been playing a pre-release version in the office, so I’ve completed quite a bit of it already. I’ll have to unpack over the weekend instead of playing it from the comfort of my new home, too. The best things come to those who wait… if the advertising is to be believed.

As Fridays go, this one started off great – we got a free preview screening of Monsters Inc. this morning and it’s a really great movie. Pixar just seem to get better and better – try and catch it if you can.