Doing it in style


Doing it in style

I’ve added another style sheet to the site that lets you choose a Dukes of Hazzard colour/graphics scheme. I kind of like it in a retro sort of way, but it’s a wee bit sore on the eyes.

I did do another one, but it was cut at the last moment due to decency problems. (i.e. it wasn’t any good!). I’m quite pleased with the way it has turned out versus the amount of effort required, so I’m brain storming for other ideas.

On the technical side the style sheet is swapped by the server side scripting, not in DHTML as all the standards freaks would have it. To my mind it’s just different way of solving the problem and at least it’s platform independant. I also decided to use PNG’s for the images on the Dukes’ one. Don’t know if that was a wise decision due to the lack of support, but I figured that since this is just a playground site it didn’t matter either way.

Anyhow, if anyone has any ideas for a groovy style then drop me a line as I think it would be a good laugh to have a whole shed load of them.