Glad that one’s over


Glad that one’s over

What a weird week. I have to say that I’m glad it’s the weekend now, as there have been so many ups and downs I just want to have a rest from it all.

What sucks is that there were several good things that happened this week which would normally have made me pretty pleased. But these were tamed somewhat by some bad things that happened, to the extent that on a scale of bad and good the week has pretty much been a downer.

Today has been a departure from bad things, so far. I got my money back from that fraud thing that happened a few weeks ago. Quite pleased with that, really, as I was starting to worry that it was four hundred pounds I’d never see again.

I’ve also arrived at a point where I’m several days ahead of where I thought I’d be in my project at work. This is tops because I can now concentrate on doing some Very Cool Stuff ™ that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Due to the above, next week could go pretty well, which would be a nice change. If it begins with the arrival of yet another Order That Time Forgot ™ from Scan Hardware, I might even jump for joy!