Dead unfit


Dead unfit

Today I cycled to work in what is supposed to be the start of my fitness drive. Having cycled nowhere of distance in a good 9 months I knew it would get the heart racing a little.

Erm… how wrong was ?!

I’m unfortunate in that the first half of the journey is up hill, but they aren’t seriously steep. It was on these hills where my shocking lack of fitness kicked in. My legs felt like they were on fire and I was panting and wheezing as if I’d run the Flora London Marathon at the weekend. Sure, I made it to work ok, but it was quite a frightening wake up call for someone who thought he was “a bit unfit” up until today.

I manage to get through five a side on a Wednesday night without too much trouble, usually, with a stint in goal to get my second wind. It’s painfully obvious that I’ve been pacing myself at five’s, though – I probably would have collapsed if I’d put any real effort into it.

At least I know the extent of my unfitness now, and can begin the long haul back to cardiovascular equilibriance… or whatever. Anyhow, let me ask you… sitting in front of the computer as you are… when was the last time you got your heart rate going… and I don’t mean by looking at Bangable?