Scan finds nothing…


Scan finds nothing…

I don’t know why I fall for this every six months or so, but I really hope this is the last time. Scan hardware managed to stall me for a week before finally admitting on Monday morning that the flash-ram drive I’m after isn’t in stock and probably wont be in the near future. Goddamit!

What funks me off is that I believe in giving places like Scan a second chance… and a third in this instance. But there comes a time when you have to draw the line. Before anyone thinks I’m being a bit harsh, I should explain further how I came to order from Scan when they’d let me down in the past. Well, Scan have this Today Only thing, where they list some products on their site and knock a few quid off for that day only. I mean, slag me for being an optimist, but you’d expect them to have the funking product in stock if they’re offering it at a bargain price for that day only!

So here I am, almost ten days later without a flash-ram drive. Luckily it wasn’t essential or I’d have been climbing the walls. Anyhow, I didn’t take much pleasure from cancelling my order on Monday… or rather, I told them to forget about the flash-ram drive and just send me the USB hub keyboard that I’d ordered to go with it. Surprizingly the keyboard was in stock, but not so surprizingly it hasn’t turned up yet – so I’m still no better off.

Anyhow, rant over, but be warned, you know – steer clear of Scan Hardware.