This Sucks!


This Sucks!

I’ve sat for an hour or so tonight, messing around with the style sheet for this site and moving content around a bit. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it sucks!

Maybe it’s due to staring at it constantly for a long duration… but I doubt it… I reckon that the whole minamilist lack of colour thing is actually very sucky.

I thought it was good a few months back… hell, I even liked it… but now I’m just starting to think of it as a winter design. The kind of design that’ll cut a little mustard in the middle of a stark, cold winter. But now, with summer looming, I’m yearning for that splash of the rainbow that will warm the site up for me.

Since I’m the one responsible for all that kind of stuff, I lay the blame squarely at my feet. And since I’m also one of the untold thousands(!) that view this site on a regular basis, I know I have the cool, descerning kind of visitor that deserves a new look and feel.

So… spring project is the new look – and no more gimicky style sheet switching either… well, maybe there will be… anyway, it’ll be coming to a browser near you soon.