Voyage to Mars


Voyage to Mars

Hey! – Check it out – I’m goin’ to Mars!

Ok, so only my name is going… and it’s going on a CD-ROM with loads of other names… but my name has dibs on a window seat, man! If your name wants to sit beside mine on the isle seat, sign up here.

Hmmm – all this trip to Mars stuff reminds me of a book I was writing. Took me about six years to get to the 130 page mark because I kept going back and re-writing stuff or running out of inspiration and leaving it for a few months. At present I’ve been doing the latter for over two years, so I guess my book will never see the light of day. Shame, really – I thought the story was pretty good, but some of the techno stuff I invented in the book (it was set in the future) is already a reality. Gadgets like 2Ghz+ PC processors, colour palm devices and mobile phones with streaming video aren’t really the stuff of sci-fi any more.

Hell, I even came up with some futuristic computer network that allowed almost everyone to have access to reams of free information. Yeah, that does sound kind of familiar, but back in ’94 I had no way of knowing how fast the internet was going to bloom.

I do stand by my Light Drives(tm) and the super fast interplanetary travel it allowed, though – they haven’t come up with that one yet! I suppose that does mean that my name has a long, arduous flight ahead of it, though. :o)