Not getting the point across


Not getting the point across

Sitepoint forums are a cool developers hang out. Even if you’re not stuck with something, there’s a chance you can lend a hand to someone else and hope that the good karma comes back to you when you’re stuck. So I’m finding it increasingly perplexing that I seem to have some sort of karma bypass installed around my topics when I do need help.

I’ve posted questions on nested while loops, as well as a Javascript cookie query, not to mention a few others. Yet somehow, each time I ask for help, I’m either not understood… or nobody is willing to cough up the answer.

I find it hard to believe that I’m asking the kind of questions that hundreds of online gurus are completely foxed by. So maybe it’s the way I’m asking? Am I being too polite? Am I not explaining myself properly?

Whatever it is, I wish I knew.

On the other hand, I’m building up so much good karma that someone is due to post the winning Lotto numbers to me instead of answering my coding question, which would instantly trivialise the problem anyway! ;o)