Wahey for ChipZone!


Wahey for ChipZone!

Check out this fantastic customer service from New York based ChipZone;

A few weeks ago I placed an order for a little gizmo that converts the lead from a PlayStation Dual Shock controller into a USB plug for the PC. When the little adapter failed to arrive, I e-mailed ChipZone to let them know and to ask if they could trace it for me. The response from Joe at ChipZone has been nothing short of incredible!

I suggested that the way I’d put my address into their online order form might have caused the mix up. Joe got back to me and said that it sometimes happens – he had put another adapter in the post for me and I should have it by next week. He explained that the one which went missing will probably find its way back to them.

Isn’t that amazing? – To my mind it’s customer service that you couldn’t buy or bribe out of a shop in the UK.