Stage complete – Time Extended!


Stage complete – Time Extended!

Well, the first stage of the intranet at work went live on Monday. There were a couple of bugs – the usual stuff you could kick yourself for, but other than that it’s been trouble free motoring.

I’m quite pleased with it, really – it’s probably the biggest dynamic site I’ve ever worked on – and it’s taken me about the same amount of time as the biggest static site I ever worked on, Radio Clyde.

Granted, most of the latter was pissing about trying to get it looking right and then content filling or image formatting what was a collosal size for a plain HTML site. This time it’s been hard coding… going down a couple of dead ends and coming back up them trying to feel learned as opposed to pissed off with the time wasted!

Already this week I’ve added a couple of things to the intranet after it went live. Firstly, a holidays section so you can see who is off and when. Then today I added this cool little control panel that you can sit on Active Desktops… remember them Bill Gates?! Finally Windows least loved feature gets a use and it does seem to work quite well.

Imagine that!