Safe as houses


Safe as houses

Tonight our new land lord paid us a visit and gave us some good and bad news. The good news is that the house is ours – they’ve taken it off the market, so to speak, and they’re not intending to let it to anyone but us. This is very cool.

The bad news is that it’s still a week and a half away from the renovation being completed. Which means our plans to move in this week are completely dashed. This, as well as being inconvenient, is very bad timing into the bargain. It means we’ll be moving stuff on the eve of my forthcoming birthday celebrations, and in the first week for ages when Fliss is working full time.

It would be pretty horrible if these two events clashed. As I’ve discovered in the last couple of years, house moves come fairly frequently. 30th birthdays do not. While I’m not exactly relishing the thought of leaving my 20’s behind, I am wanting to do it with a big enough bang that it’s memorable.