Minority Report


Minority Report

Went to see the above Tom Cruise movie on Wednesday night. I cant say it’s toppled any of my favourite sci-fi movies from the top of their perch, but I did enjoy it all the same.

Some of the gaping plot holes were a major pain in the ass for me – I just couldn’t suspend the disbelief for the entire movie because stuff kept happening which made me pause for thought.

The amount which was “borrowed” from other (some better) sci-fi movies also proved to be annoying. From the immersing memories almost on a par with Strange Days, to using extracted eyeballs to gain access to restricted areas (Demolition Man), a few of the themes in the movie just seemed too familiar to be anywhere near original.

Fliss seemed to enjoy the movie more than me, which was a bit of a surprize considering it’s more my kind of movie than it is hers. Sadly I remain unconvinced as to why Steven Spielberg as revered as such a god-like director.