A free lunch…


A free lunch…

At the weekend there, Fliss and I performed our duty as insatiable consumers by purchasing a washing machine. We’d been using the launderette along the road since we moved to the area a month or so ago, as the new house didn’t come with a washing machine. (I kind of forgot to check beforehand.)

Of late we’ve really been doing our bit to boost the economy – new car, new washing machine, who knows what’s next on the agenda… possibly reposession and being declared bankrupt!

Anyways, after doing the washing machine thing at Comet, we went to Pizza Hut as a treat – ordering a stuffed crust pepperoni feast. Twenty minutes later when it hadn’t showed up our waitress Nicky explained that somehow the order hadn’t been placed in the kitchen. She told us that if we were willing to wait for our pizza we could have our entire meal on the house. Hey, we had nothing else to do, so we waited and devoured our filling free lunch when it did come.

Cooler still, Nicky brought us those mints they usually give you with the receipt anyway :o)

Could this have been karma for our recent economy boosting consumerfest?!