And I would drive 500 miles…


And I would drive 500 miles…

The weekend down in London was a very good one as it turned out. The PlayStation experience was pretty cool – lots of shiny new games to see and play, plus a fairly decent freebie bag (unusual for these events). Sadly there was no Madden 2003 or Sims on the EA stand (Fliss had primed me to eek out the latter), but an utterly stunning Lara Croft on the Eidos stand nearby sorta made up for that! ;o)

The rest of the day after that event involved drinking in Leicester Square, the Trocadero and O’Neils, before wandering into China town for a very decent meal.

By the end of the day I had that sad feeling you get when you’re on a good holiday and you suddenly realise that the number of days left is less than the number of days you’ve been there. Every hour seems to pass quicker as the sand in the hourglass runs down. It turns out I do miss London after all, along with the myriad of options for spending money that comes with the most expensive capital city in the world.

I think visiting once in a while is a good way for me to keep that positive feeling going. What I noted in December 2001 about London being a chocolate cake that was very nice in theory, but would get pretty sickening after a while, stands true.

In a way, going there back in 2000 was a stepping stone for me – the two years which followed are gone forever now and there’s little point in longing for those days to return at some point. Better to look forward to what and where the future holds than to long for a chapter in your life, long since read.

That said, I’m really looking forward to next time I go :o)