Stage 2 Complete – Time Extended!


Stage 2 Complete – Time Extended!


Today the second phase of the intranet for work went live. The last three months or so have been a bit of a slog, truth be told – and it’s been in limbo for three weeks while the design was tinkered with.

At least that one is knocked on the head, just about – now I have to press on with another intranet for another part of the company. Looking forward to this one – although I’ll re-use a lot of code and the techniques I used, it’s great to start on a clean slate and attack something that at least seems new.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for this new project starting straight away I would really have liked to take a few days off. I’m feeling a bit burned out and I just want to swing my thing for a bit – learn a few things and get round to projects like The Feel Good Factory (which has been pending for a year now).

At the end of next week I have my first ever php training course, courtesy of the company, which is pretty groovy. Hopefully it’ll tighten me up in a couple of areas and open my eyes to a few new things along the way.