The last piece of evidence fades into the past…


The last piece of evidence fades into the past…

While clicking away with no particular place to go, I ended up at the SRH corporate site. Not entirely sure how I got there, but I wasn’t really surprized to find a whole new site had replaced the one I created in December 1999.

Of course, that’s unremarkable – at least, not as remarkable as the fact that it took them so long to replace it. However, it had been the last online site that I created. Since leaving SRH in March 2000, I have not had one single online project that I created from the ground up.

All I’ve done for the last two years or so is intranets. Intranets and more intranets. Big ones, small ones, some medium sized ones too. But every single one of them is locked away behind a company firewall – hidden from the public view. With some of them that’s probably just as well, but with a couple I’m quite proud of the fact I put them together. Sadly, all I have to remind me of the effort is a screen grab in a few cases.

That leaves WipeoutZone and this place as the only fragments of evidence left in cyberspace that I create websites. And you know – I used to be a contender… oh yes – 17 sites on the go for SRH at one point – every one of them created by me and every one of them live and open to public scrutiny.

Sometimes I miss living on the edge ;o)