What the hell…


What the hell…

I decided to make the new design live. I’m kind of done tinkering with it, and since I’m the only one who gives a shit anyway it seemed a shame just to keep messing with it until I was sick of it and went off at a tangent.

Amusingly, as I was posting it live and re-naming the files, I discovered that the design from the turn of the year still works at winter2002index.php – complete with the funky Dukes of Hazzard style sheet I done! Neat! By that token, the design I’ve just replaced will still work at summer2002index.php. Someday I’ll have to set them all up as a gimmick of some sort, as you can view the current news and stuff through the older designs which would be a kind of cool way of seeing how the design changes the mood.

Since I’m feeling kind of cynical of late, I’m suspecting there are a few folk who will scoff and mock my “design skills”, whatever they are, so in the tradition a top designer I’ll explain the new look:

The sunset represents the end of the current season – the dusk of a whole lot of change in my life with hopefully more settled times ahead. It could just as equally be a sunset – the begining of a new chapter for that matter. The font chosen was just something that took my fancy and the fade of red and blue are just two colours that I like. As for the squares, well, they’re just freakin’ squares and if so-called graphic designers can get away with putting pointless bollocks on an image then I’m damn sure I can too.

And the arrow?

Fuck knows – but all the hip designers plaster their stuff in arrows, so maybe I’m being minamilist by having just one.

Welcome to the revolution!