Workin’ like a dawg!


Workin’ like a dawg!

Been hard at it this week on another one of those pressure gigs I get a kick out of every now and then.

One of the other studios asked if they could have something implemented by Wednesday the 15th, which was pretty difficult when I was asked back on the 9th. Anyhoo, I decided to have a stab at it and treat it like the client work of yore, when some stroppy French woman would be growling down the phone from an hour ahead in French time, wondering where here site was. (No bonus points to Mr Jess for working that one out!)

Everything was going fine until the central heating broke down at home on Monday morning. I had to take four hours out of the day to come home and wait while the engineer fixed it. (Strangely it takes exactly two games of Madden NFL 2003 set to 7 minute quarters to fetch and fit a new central heating pump. Not a lot of people know that… or care.)

When I got back to work I realised that missing four hours of the day with a looming deadline on the horison was not the done thing, so I stayed late to catch up with where I should have been. Weary eyed I decided I was back on schedule at just after seven o’clock and was confident that on Tuesday I’d be able to deliver ahead of schedule.

Why do I fall for that notion every single time?

Tuesday brought a whole lotta heartache as the afternoon wore on, mostly from this free “WYSIWYG” editor I was using to replace text boxes in a content managment system. The thing would either add paragraph tags or it would not, but there seemed to be no easy way to make it stick to one or the other.

Lots of messing about later and I’m back behind schedule again, although fortunately I’ve been evasive bug free thus far. (Evasive bugs being the kind that aren’t wearing deeley boppers and making themselves obvious.)

Hopefully tomorrow I can rescue the situation, as it would be a shame to look like a fuckwitosaurus after promising to deliver. Fingers crossed. :o)