Whirlwind Weekend


Whirlwind Weekend

That was a whole lot of fun!

Out and about every night of the weekend, including into the early hours on Sunday night to watch the NFL play-off games at a Sports Bar near Leicester Square. Great atmosphere and a whole bunch of cheering Americans who were measurably less arrogant than the Aussies you get in Walkabout.

Myself and Stuart even made it to PlayStation Skatepark on Sunday afternoon and really enjoyed the new additions to the park. Mostly the burger bar – very welcome refreshment after falling on your ass a few times. Or more than a few if you’re Stuart!

Monday recovery came in the form of lunch at Islington Walkabout with the exceptionally nice gentlemen, Rick and Jess. The banter was in full swing before we’d even made it out the door of CG – something that’s indicative of the kind of chemistry we had going in the old New Media department back in the day.

Iain’s birthday festival was well worth the freezing trip back on one of Virgin Railway’s oldest examples of rolling stock (if those new ads are anything to go by). I can quite safely say that had there been an emergency labour situation on that fridge on wheels on Sunday evening, I’m sure they would have had to chisel ice from the mothers crotch to make the delivery.

There I go again.

Anyhow – back in Liverpool two minutes and some homeless beggar is giving me hassle because I wont part with my bus fare. When I eventually get on a bus some scouser with an attitude is sitting up the back giving the driver no end of hassle because he wont accept an obviously forged pass.

When I get in the door of the house, Fliss tells me that a car out in our street had been broken into and lots of electrical gear had been snatched just half an hour before I got back.

I’m begining to suspect that if the world ever needs an enema, Liverpool is where they’ll insert the pipe.