The Big Freeze


The Big Freeze

Due to the generosity of Monsieur Cedrick, we now have a very large fridge freezer and for the first time in ages we can enjoy the “benefits” of frozen food.

This might not sound so amazing, but today we done about ?65 worth of shopping (rather than the usual ?100+) and I expect it to last for a good two weeks or so. Most of the saving was due to all the two for one offers at Iceland, but a lot of it is to do with the comparitive cheapness of frozen food compared to the usual haul of fresh stuff we had to buy when we had no freezer.

Granted, a lot of it is complete junk – frozen mini-pizza’s and the like. But there are odds and ends now occupying the freezer that at least give us a more varied diet than we’ve enjoyed over the last 8 months.

And then there’s the ice cream! :o)