Tour de France


Tour de France

No… not just a cunning headline to annoy cycling users of Google – it is in fact an indication that I’m off to France on Monday for a conference with work. Unlike some of the hardened vets of the games industry, I really dig these things – seeing all the new stuff that’s in development and seeing just how far the hardware is being pushed. As an added bonus we get to do it at DisneyLand this time around, so that should be cool in itself.

I’ve never been to France before. I’ve been over it a few times en-route to package holidays, but this will be the first time in my 30 or so years that I’ve been there proper. Not that it will be France, for that matter – more like a little oasis of Americana… or so I’m told.

Which is just as well, as my french is a little rusty after evil Mrs Craig the scottish french teacher put me right off of the subject at Torpoint Comprehensive. Fortunately Cedrick will be there should the need for translation arrive!

Fingers crossed I pick up a few phrases along the way… might help me understand what Mr Jess is on about next time we speak! ;o)