Back to normality

After a complete slog of a journey, mostly because I seem to have picked up the flu, I’m finally back to the comforts of home and Fliss… who made an exceptionally tasty homecoming dinner =o)

I’ll say more about the goings on in DisneyLand Paris when I’m feeling up to it. Right now I have coughing to do and illness to feel…

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Netclectic transmogrified!

Ade has done “something” to Netclectic over the last few days. Talk about the (recently ruined) SitePoint Forums award for fixing something that wasn’t broken!

Took me a good few minutes just to find the right forum to post a message in when I was entering via the homepage. Fortunately going to the forums directly made for a more positive experience and hopefully Ade will get all the loose ends sorted over the coming days.

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