d-d-don’t don’t stop the beat!


d-d-don’t don’t stop the beat!

After getting hooked on the catchy tune and fantastic video for Junior Senior‘s Move Your Feet I decided to pick up their CD for the fun of it. It’s a bit mental, to say the least – a quirky mix of funky tunes and english as a second language lyrics!

I made the observation that the pixelated “graphics” in the video would have been considered cutting edge and cool around 20 years ago, crap ten years ago, and yet somehow it’s top notch in this day and age of Monsters Inc standard CGI.

Cooler still is their decision to make the video available freely for distribution on the net. It can be downloaded from the dudes who made it, Shynola. Hat’s off to them for the most imaginative music video in years. =o)