Comedy Value


Comedy Value

Fliss and I went to the Rawhide comedy club this past week down at the Albert Dock in Liverpool. It made for quite an entertaining evening, and although the quality of the comedians was a bit hit and miss, the host, Chris Cairns, was a pretty funny guy.

Well worth checking out if you’re in the vicinity, except if there’s a scouse guy called “Nige” on the bill you’d be advised to leave before his set. He’s just not very funny at all – not even worth the price of the free tickets we had…

On Wednesday we went to see the Circus in Sefton park. I was a little apprehensive, because… well, you know – my enduring image of a typical circus is one I went to see over 20 years ago in Dunbarton back in Scotland. Flea bitten lions and crappy clowns a go-go, kind of thing.

The circus of the 21st century turns out to feature nada in the way of flea bitten members of the feline family. Oh no – it has insane dudes doing insane stuff, not to mention hot chicks doing crazy things with hula hoops!

Even the low key clown-esque guy was pretty amusing, although the show stopper had to be a motorbike on a high wire with an acrobatic chick doing stuff on a harness below it. Very cool.

Didn’t think I’d be saying this, but the circus was actually more fun than the comedy club of the night before. =o)