Not Again!?


Not Again!?

Yes, I note the howls of derision from the back. Yes, I went and changed it after only five minutes. No, I don’t know if it works in all the leading browsers. Yes, you’re right I couldn’t have spent long on it… because I didn’t.

What you see here is just a refined style sheet and a couple of new images. I’ve been doing some style sheet work at work this week, trying to optimise and refine at the same time. Decided to use my own site as a testbed because the intranet at work is a table based layout and it wouldn’t really make much difference if I refine the style sheet.

So I spent this afternoon messing around with this one, and I quite like it so I uploaded it. I have kept the old one just in case I go off it, but I’ve done that before and I have a directory full of style sheets and templates that time forgot.

However, this one is em based rather than pixel based. Which (drum roll) means the text can be transmogrified using your browser. Oh yes. Use the View / Text Size thing in IE, and the equivalent in any other browser, and you can scale the site to fit your sight. Which rhymes too, so everyone’s a winner here.

And as an extra special treat for the hard core usability dudes, the navigation is now a list like it should be. Apparently. Hey, I don’t make this stuff up, I just follow the rules and wait for the next time they move the goal posts.

Anyhoo, when I’m done with other work I’m going to move the links on the right back to their own page (or pseudo page, as it were) and think long and hard about something else to stick in the space. It’ll probably be a To Do list or something like that, since Fliss has inherited my Palm Pilot now I have the snazzy new phone.

Stay tuned :o)