Behold…. Crumbling Cake Fox

The little guy on the right is the marzipan and icing fox that Fliss had them put on my 30th birthday cake last July.

Since the feasting of the cake, the fox has taken residence upon an empty bottle on the kitchen worktop. Why an empty bottle? Well, against my take on things, Fliss said that a good way to keep his limbs, body and head together was to stick a cocktail stick up through his… erm… lower part all the way to his head. So he needs to sit on the bottle because of the stick thing jutting out (and hence the facial expression, no doubt). Don’t try that at home.

It has actually worked, except that his ears have sort of crumbled away over the last ten months. He’s still kinda cute, though… and sorta funny looking too =o)

But why is he here now?

For want of a better reason, the camera in my new phone was begging to be used for something – even if it was pointless!

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Zeldman to be an honest man!

Everybody’s favourite web standards evangelist, Jeffrey Zeldman has just announced he’s to be married at the end of June. (Somehow he’s managed to redesign his site without me noticing too… it changes more than this place does!)

Jeffrey is a decent, hard working NY city guy – congrats to him, and I hope married life doesn’t tear him away from what he does best – making sure the web is a better place to work.

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Disneyland = Trashland?

I spotted this story on CNN about Disney’s plans to sell throw away DVD’s which are watchable for only 48 hours after purchase.

Along with AOL’s quest to blanket the planet with their CD-ROM’s this has to be the least environmentally sound idea of recent times. The popularity of Disney movies will ensure that if this concept proves a success, there will be huge volumes of these disposable DVD’s filtering into landfill sites via eager consumers.

While the governments of the world are keen to stem the flow of spam at the moment, shouldn’t they be more concerned with the unwanted waste happening in real life?

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