If I wasn’t going on holiday today, creating would be how I’d be spending the weekend. As it happens I’ll be trapped in meatspace for a while, so it’ll have to go on the back burner for a few weeks. But that only gives me time to gather more ammunition material.


Read on:

Are you a Mac user?

Do you often find yourself blogging wirelessly from a Starbucks, listening to artiste’s such as The Doves on your iPod?

Are you ever awestruck by how ridiculously kind Steve Jobs has been in allowing you to over-pay for his wonderful products?

Do you still covet that stupid, over-designed circular mouse, long after Jobs himself admitted it was a mistake?

What about when celebrity Macsturbators like Wil Wheaton mention using their iBook’s in exotic places? Does that get you all excited in a special secret private place?

Then could be the site for you! Worship his Jobship with like-minded individuals. Share twee stories about Mac-life, like how just by owning a Mac, your penis is not only longer but you’ve become unbelievably good looking… and not just to members of the opposite sex, either. – Jizz Different.
This little gem sprang to mind during a (‘nother) forum conversation re: how great Macs are. I cannot wait to get this up and running. Think of the revenue from affiliates programs (Starbucks, iTunes, Macsourcery, etc!).

Think of the hate mail!

It should be fun :o)