A very scarey night

Tonight I went to five a side with the intention of having a good run about, since I missed a game last week while on holiday. I say five a side, but only seven of us turned up, so we decided to play three against three and one in goal.

We’d played for about a minute – I had a shot on goal blocked, and my team of three were attacking again. I went to pass the ball to Chris, past Deniz when the ball rebounded off of Deniz’s knee, right into my eye. I had no time to blink and it just hit me full force on the eyeball.

At first I went down to the ground holding my eye, thinking it would just be a stinger and I’d be okay in a minute or two. After about ten seconds I tried to look up and everything was just a blur. I could only make out colours and shapes, but that was it – everything was mess and my eye was throbbing like hell.

After a minute or two and some welcome Volvic for an eye-wash from Beppe, it became obvious that this was more than a poke in the eye style stinger.

Being the wuss that I am, naturally I went into headless chicken mode. Hey, what can I say, when most of the things I do depend on my sight, losing it is my worst nightmare. (well, waking up without my penis is my worst nightmare!)

I raced home in the car – how I got back with one eye I will never know, ‘cos I couldn’t judge distance to save myself – and ran into the house in the direction of the fridge for some ice. Fliss helped out, getting it into a poly bag and then a tea-towel so I could hold it against my eye, which by this point was almost completely washed out vision wise and aching like hell.

I’ve had ear-ache, tooth-ache, stomach-ache and almost every kind of other-ache I can think of. But eye-ache is a new one on me and it’s not fucking pleasant I can tell you.

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