Bright Eyes


Bright Eyes

Well, after the scare of a week ago, my right eye is returning to normal. I’m down to two eye-drops a day now and the halo’s I was getting when the lights were dim have lessened over time. Now it’s like I cant remember if I had them before the injury or not!

Other than the night it happened, the weirdest part of the experience has to be when my pupils were dilated during my check-up on Sunday. After the eye exam I left the building to the harsh glow of a bright afternoon, realising my pupils couldn’t contract to block out the light. That and I could only really focus on things that were five or six feet away, although Kieran had forewarned me about that bit.

It really was surreal – I went for a walk around the music and game shops, but couldn’t focus on the cd cases in order to read what was on them. Decided that a look in Top Man would be a better waste of time until I could safely drive home, but strangely having completely shagged sight didn’t make their range look any better! ;o)

Ah well, I’m definately on the road to recovery, and for that I’m relieved in a big way. Although this was a bit of a freak accident, I’m definately going to take good care of my eyes from now on.