I’m re-designing WipeoutZone at the moment, as it has been due an overhaul for a very long time. Fortunately my previous attempt at a standards compliant design has left the template pages pretty bare of formatting, so it’s been quite simple to swiftly try out new designs.

However, the back-end code will take far more effort than in the past – some of the stuff in there is just archaic in php terms, so I don’t know how long it will be before the new site is done. I have to get a new log-in system in place for it, as well as some other session based stuff in order to make it a better browsing experience.

I do want to get it right before I even think about uploading it, though – none of your Zeldman BS about designing in public. Delivering a new site all at once has more impact and gives a better feeling of accomplishment than drip feeding it to cyberspace. It’s a bit more pro into the bargain.