Whoah! Ted – you totally knocked yourself out for hours!


Whoah! Ted – you totally knocked yourself out for hours!

Yeah, I went to see that movie at the weekend, but unlike most other journal sites and their dogs, I’m not going to write a review of it. Jeremy made a good job of summing things up already, and I agree with him for the most part.

It’s funny how so many people seem offended by the way the movie unfolded. Did they not spot the rampant commercialism in the second film? Or the half assed video game that spent the summer performing daylight robbery along with Ms Croft on the shelves of stores all over the planet?

When it was that obvious the Wachowski’s were cashing in, all you could really do was enjoy a fabulously crafted action movie. The story, the Matrix universe – whatever you want to call it, became the padding between the set pieces from the moment Reloaded burst onto the silver screen.

The only green–tinted flickering hiding the real world from the Wachowski brothers is caused by the torrent of hundred dollar bills raining from the skies above them. I can picture it now… smug little fuckers standing there, faces filled with glee as the camera pans around them – the shower of dead presidents suspended in bullet time.

At least there’s a funny side to it :o)