Another successful trip to Scotland

What can I say, other than the journey to and fro’, we have this whole trip back to Scotland thing down to a tee.

We arrived on Thursday night in enough time for me to get a Mr Kebab speciality… which was fantastic. Man, if I ever win the lottery I’m going to have Mr Kebab food couriered from Helensburgh to where ever I’m living it up in the world. Skating in San Diego? No problemo, have the Mr Kebab chef’s flown over and they can cook me up a tasty donner during the flight!

Seriously, though – the food was ace… and not just because I was starving after a four hour drive, either. Even Fliss got a burger from them, so that’s a seal of approval right there.

Friday we got down to the point of the weekend with Andrew’s birthday. He got a few odds and ends to accompany his Silver PlayStation 2 that I managed to snap up for him during the previous afternoon. This went down very well, in fact the rest of the weekend revolved around the awesome TimeSplitters 2, Burnout 2, and Rumble Racing (which is a bit dated now, but still plays well and Andrew enjoys it.) For lunch, Crazy Uncle John took us to the Indian restraunt on the sea front for what must have been the most average chicken tikka masala I’ve ever had. Mental note – never go back there, they aren’t even qualified to tie up the aprons of the Mr Kebab chef dudes.

Saturday we took Fliss‘ dad to a hardware store to get stuff for doing up the house. Sadly, when we got to the house I managed to royally screw up the tiling of the kitchen floor. I only had a couple of hours before I had to call it quits for Andrew’s birthday night out thing, and didn’t really think it through properly. I feel kind of bad about the result… I mean, when you tell folk “oh, I just started in the corner…” it’s like everyone’s a fucking tiling expert who comes out of the woodwork after the event. If I hear one more time that I should have started in the middle, I’ll be shoving a tile where the Sun doesn’t shine.

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