A bit of this and that


A bit of this and that

Excuses, excuses

I haven’t posted many updates recently – mostly because I’ve been busying myself with various things which get in the way of updating the site.

High on the list has been the new WipeoutZone, which is now in the final stretch of development. I’ve hit a few snags along the way, and even as recent as the start of this week I realised that I’ll need to change the templates due to the stylesheet breaking down when it hits a form in certain browsers. Stuff like that is a pain in the ass, because even working to a plan you don’t see browser bugs coming until they happen and you’re already many hours down that particluar avenue. Only thing to do is rip it all out and find another way of doing things and although you just have to roll your sleeves up and get on with it, it’s hard not to let it demotivate you.
Despite the speed bumps, the site should make it live in the next couple of weeks – I’m saving hardest chunk for last, because then I’ll know that the second it’s working the site is complete. :o)


When I’ve not been on the computer I’ve been playing lots of Tony Hawk’s Underground and WRC 3. With the former I’ve completed all but the last challenge in story mode, and I’m mostly playing online now, which is great fun. Sadly WRC 3 isn’t online, but it is the best effort yet from Evolution and I’m really enjoying the game–play this year.

Cant wait for the holidays when I can spend a bit more free time getting stuck into these games – Fliss is apparently getting me BattleStar Galactica for my Xmas too, so as soon as WipeoutZone is done and dusted (for another year) I’ll be hitting the games pretty hard.

Board Stupid

Last night I made it to skateboarding for my second week in a row in ages. I hate missing a week, as it undoes everything I’ve built on the week before and it takes longer to get back into the swing of things when I next go. Anyhow, last night I managed a whole three hours without any extended periods of rest. I was completely flogged when I left the place, but I’d manged to get confident at a few things I’ve been trying.

Most successful exercise was coming back down fakie from the high point of a ramp. There’s a kid there every week who goes up the same bit of the ramp really, really high. He comes back down fakie and always attempts a switch ollie to nose–slide on his way back across the fun box. Haven’t seen him land it yet, but he’s tried it so many times that he’s smooth as silk at the fakie part. I thought I’d keep trying it myself last night, since the usual areas I use were pretty busy.

After a few attempts I was able to go up higher on the ramp than the coping on the quarter–pipe right beside it and by the end of the night I was getting pretty confident at it. I started linking it with a revert as close to the bottom of the ramp as I could, although I few times I went pretty squirly and chucked myself off to avoid the innevitable!

The three hours at Rampworx, along with a decent bike ride at the weekend means I’ve had a fair bit of exercise this week, which is a good enough excuse to begin some festive indulgence this weekend when Rachel and Andy come to visit us.