First thing this morning I had to drop the car off at Kings Chrysler for its six monthly service. It’s a bit of a piss-take, actually, as we’ve only done 13,600 odd miles in it and this is the 22,500 mile service. No doubt its new owner will clock up a good few miles more than us. 😉

Anyhow, after dropping the car off I could not get a bus back into town for the life of me. I just stood there, freezing my nads off for ages. I was at the stop at ten past nine, there was a bus due at 26 minutes past the hour, so I was fairly confident I wouldn’t have to wait long.

Thirty minutes later I was fairly confident that I knew why people smash up bus shelters every now and then. It’s because public transport, or at least buses, suck ass!

I already had a bit of a cold, so by spending thirty odd minutes in the freezing wind I was a bit of a mess. My eyes were streaming, I was coughing uncontrolably, and my nose was running like a tap. I felt so bad that I called my boss and asked if I could take the day off sick, before trudging along to the station and taking the train home.

Five hours later when it was time to go fetch the car, I wrapped up a damn sight better, donning my fur lined jacket (fake fur, natch) and pulled my hat down over my ears before venturing out into the cold. With the service throwing up nothing unexpected I was in and out in minutes – my last encounter with the Wicked Witch of Kings Chrysler going pretty much the same as my first.

I collected Fliss on a round-about route to the Honda garage where we had an appointment for another test drive of a Jazz. Unfortunately the sales girl Natasha was busy with another couple and their wayward toddler. So we ended up stuck with this stiff who not only spoke to us like we knew nothing about cars, but seemed solely concerned with the hard sell. We later discovered from Natasha that he hadn’t made a sale in over a month… I wonder why! ;o)

The brief test drive and a very good price convinced us to put a deposit on the car as soon as we could deal with Natasha – no way was I giving Mr Greed is Good my deposit. Now all we have to do is wait a week or so for the car to arrive and we’ll be driving our second new car in a year and a half. Anyone would think we had a bit of money. :o)