Breaking the habit


Breaking the habit

After years of biting my nails on and off, I decided to get myself some of that stuff you put on your nails to stop you from doing it. Stop ‘n Grow is the little bottle of choice, and I applied it for the first time yesterday lunchtime – heeding the instructions’ warning that it must not be applied to broken or sensitive skin.

An hour or so later and things were going well – I had no desire to bite my nails at all, but all of a sudden I became aware I have another disgusting habit. The burning sensation in my right nostril indicated that I perhaps picked my nose… or at least gave it a minor probing a bit more than I thought I did.

Of course, this brought up another reason not to bite my nails – I had no idea which finger I’d been using for said nasal probing, although now that I was aware of the finger to nose problem, and that it caused the burning sensation, I wasn’t doing that any more either. A friend noted that “at least the burning sensation isn’t in your arse”, which I agreed with wholeheartedly!

So here I am on day two – I haven’t bitten my nails yet, and my nose feels fine today too, so obviously that problem is being held at bay by the Stop ‘n Grow into the bargain. Best of all is that I haven’t had to taste the stuff yet – judging by the expression on Fliss‘ face last night when I managed to con her into biting my finger, it’s bloody awful! :o)