Bill Bailey – Part Troll


Bill Bailey – Part Troll

Bill Bailey is one of those comedians who seems to be under the radar as far as the masses are concerned. When it was suggested back in the early days of January that a bunch of us go along to see him in mid-May, I’m glad I showed tremendous foresight in buying tickets for Fliss and I.

His eclectic mix of observational humour and topical comment rips along with considerable pace, with rarely a drop in quality. Most of the gags are of the “you had to be there” category, because nobody has the delivery skills of the man himself, not to mention the musical talent. I’m not sure if it was the throw away asides or the one liners that had me cracking up the most, but by the time it was all over my gut muscles were aching from the constant laughter.

I cannot recommend his show highly enough, so check out his site from the link above and chase down a ticket if he’s playing anywhere near you – you wont regret it.