Fliss’ 22nd Birthday night out


Fliss’ 22nd Birthday night out

On Saturday evening a group of us went out in celebration of Fliss‘ birthday.

First up was an excellent meal in the Japenese teppanyaki restaurant, Sapporo, a rare treat if ever I’ve had one. The food was superb, and the spectacular preparation by the quirky chefs with their combustable liquids provided a brand of entertainment you don’t usually find while dining out.

Such is the demand for a place around the flaming grills of Sapporo that we’d had to settle for a table at 5pm – anything later was booked solid. However, since it was a lovely evening that made the walk to a bar nearby quite pleasant. We even stopped off beside this “balls on bendy straws” sculpture thing on the way. Much like the assorted sushi from the meal – I don’t know what it is, but I like it!

Once we arrived at the bar of choice we were holed up there until well after eleven, spending an obscene amount of cash in the somewhat pricey establishment in an evening that seemed to race along. In fact, a portion of the group went off to the cinema to catch The Day After Tomorrow and managed to meet us back in the same place before we all headed off to The Krazy House. This was mostly at the request of Andy, who was down from York for the evening along with Rachel, but as usual the three-floored-freak-fest delivered the goods in a “you know you’re not the weirdest person in here” kind of way.

Even though it ended up being a very late night, when we stumbled in the door Fliss insisted on showing off her EyeToy Groove skills – albeit in a depleted state due to drunkenness and tiredness.

I don’t actually remember going to bed, but I woke up on Sunday with a vicious hang-over that I’m still not fully recovered from even a day later. Fliss enjoyed her night out, though, even if her actual birthday has been far more low key than last year. Only a month or so to go until mine now. :o)