Kevin Bloody Wilson


Kevin Bloody Wilson

Myself, Fliss, and a friend went to see the australian comedian at Manchester Academy last week, and it proved to be a good evenings entertainment. However, at the start of the gig, when he asked how many people had been to one of his shows before, we were among the 80% of the audience who put their hands up. This seemed to be the green light for Kev to recycle a lot of old stuff – most of which we could pretty much recite along with him from watching his video.

With the songs, though, that’s mostly the point of the show – audience participation is pretty much a given, and singing along in a crowd to classics like Do you fuck on first dates? and Dicktaphone was a great laugh. Kev and his daughter Jenny were available to sign merchandise after their performances, and it took quite a bit of will power to talk myself out of buying a 20th Anniversary CD at ?20. In the end I decided that it’s not the kind of music you could listen to often without getting tired of it, so I abstained on this occasion.

He’s touring around the UK for the remainder of the year, and if you’d like to see the legend in action, check out the Kevin Bloody Wilson site for dates. Not as polished a show as Bill Bailey was back in May, but I’d certainly recommend Kev’s show as part of a beer fuelled night out.