Strange days


Strange days

We’ve experienced some unusual weather of late – everything from mild sunny days to bitter cold with sleet, and even a very sudden hail shower at the weekend that sounded like marbles raining down on the house.

cropped tree pictureA week ago I took this picture of a tree that overhangs our back garden, which, for reasons best known to the tree, has flowers on it. Now I’m not much of a gardner – I can count the number of times I’ve been in that back garden on both hands, but it seems weird to me that a tree would have flowers on it in December.

Unless it’s some new breed of tree – some hard as fucking nails tree that’s saying “Is this all you’ve got?” to the climate of the time. Sadly the response was a very sudden dip in temperature ” meaning that while the heating is off the house is as cold as a witches nipple.

Check out the large, uncropped version of the tree picture to see a spiders web that I didn’t even spot at the time, but our digital camera had no problem picking up.