A man’s got to know his limitations


A man’s got to know his limitations

Fliss and I watched the Golden Globe Awards on tv last night, sipping a fine wine and making caustic remarks at the expense of all the lovies gushing at one another. Although this was entertaining enough, I’m not exactly the kind of person who gets star struck or over excited by the odd movie star. (They need to be a hot female movie star for that to happen!)

I couldn’t help but be stunned when the camera panned past Clint Eastwood, as his latest movie Million Dollar Baby was nominated for some award or other. Man, does he look old. And not just normal old – the plastic surgery just makes it look like he drove there on a motorbike at an average speed of 130 without wearing a helmet. It’s not that I ever remember him being particularly young, either, but people who were famous in the 70’s should maybe just go into hiding so you can remember them in their prime.

Am I 70, or is it 80? To tell you the truth, with all this alzheimers I’ve kinda forgotten myself…