Answers to questions


Answers to questions

Having had a look at the search strings that brought people to this site during January, I thought that some of them were owed an explanation. So here goes…

Coming soon, I promise.

ali bastian/pictures
Here’s one pic of Ali, and another lovely one here.

kevin wilson the skateboarder
Kevin Bloody Wilson can skateboard too?

claire swire
Who?… Oh… that Claire Swire. You’ll probably find this hard to swallow, but I don’t know her.

(madden 2004) (slider settings) pc
I only play the PS2 version, but someone at MaddenMania will be able to help.

andrea leighton
I haven’t seen her since primary school, but I did mention Andrea in this post.

bandicoot bollocks setup
Nope, sorry – no idea about that one.

buns hotdog sell dubai

burnout 3 headset dont work online headset doesnt work ps2
Cant help with that one, either – haven’t even played the game since the week after I bought it.

dc07 fault finding
I don’t mean to preach, but if you’re not sure how to find faults in a commercial jetliner then the chances are you shouldn’t be looking for them. That and this isn’t the place you’ll find the answer, either.

hot chicks doing crazy things
Not here, either – but if you find them drop me a line.

how to open the hood locked
Is that you, uncle John?

indycar 500 amiga top view racing
The game was called Indy Heat – it was awesome! :o)

is sophie ellis bextor lesbian
I have no idea, but it would explain a lot, wouldn’t it. First Sophie needs a personality, though.

j-e-t-s jets jets jets sound wave
Try *JetsInsider.

jamie foxx 2005 nude photos
Cant help with that one – but if you do find any, I don’t wanna know.

junior senior pixelated music video
I don’t have it, but you used to be able to get it from Shynola.

kemopetrol torrent
They’re a weird band of some nature… I know that much. Don’t have any info on them here, though.

I’d be surprised if they actually exist – I kind of made up the organisation in this post about there being no gays in Big Brother that year.

rob foxx
Well… finally, you’ve come to the right place. How can I be of assistance?