Kneesy Does It


Kneesy Does It

My knee is screwed. The left one. I hurt it back in December, wrenching it badly during a bail while I was skateboarding. I figured it would be one of those things that fixes itself if you just take it easy. Turns out that, as you get older, things don’t fix themselves the way they did when you were ten.

Come to think of it, the knee hasn’t been quite right in a long while. Maybe it was all the skateboarding I did back in my teens, maybe it was thinking I could go back to skateboarding again after a ten year gap. Somehow, though, there’s something wrong with my knee and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better any time soon.

I went back to skateboarding last Wednesday night, thinking I’d given it four months so it should be okay. But after an hour I felt it tighten a bit, so I called it quits and came home. Then, at the weekend there, in an ill advised attempt to show Andy and Rachel that I could touch my toes, my knee let out this cracking sound at the back and something has definately gone now. Feels like it’s just going to keep bending the other way when I straighten it.

Worse is that I don’t have a doctor at the moment. I called to get my knee (and my shoulder – I really am falling apart) checked out about a month or so ago, and they told me that I wasn’t registered any longer. Since I knew we were moving soon I didn’t bother re-registering, as I’ll have to go through it all again in the very near future.

Anyway, I’m fine with the fact that it wont fix itself, but I’m hoping that I might be able to have some kind of operation to fix it. Hopefully some time before I’m in my 40’s, if the NHS is anything to go by. Now I know why that medical plan at work seemed like such a good idea.