Thanks once more to Kieran, we’re watching the second series of 24 after he loaned us the box set. With this series, a few things have become apparent after only four episodes:

  • Ass pulls are now considered to be a fair and reasonable way to construct a plot. If you need a character to do something either completely out of character, or seemingly at odds to their continued wellbeing, have them do it anyway. It’s only tv after all.
  • Characters can and will refrain from explaining their circumstance fully, even when it may be to their great benifit to do so, solely to further complicate the plot.
  • No matter how dedicated a team of makeup artists are, if you are a pock-marked, acne-ridden individual, all the slap in the world isn’t going to hide it when that camera zooms in close. Just as well for Kim Bauer that she has big norks then, isn’t it?
  • If you are a cameraman, living in the Los Angeles area, who assumed their career to be over due to the onset of Parkinsons Disease, look no further than the production companies involved in the creation of 24 for your next paying gig. Evidence would suggest that the entire crew of camera operators has been assembled with the aid of a mailing list dedicated to people with the unfortunate affliction. Not only that, but stomach churning spasms are actively encouraged, whilst filming, in the somewhat misguided belief that it creates dramatic effect.

I’m sure more imparted wisdom will come to me as the season progresses. So far, though, it’s pretty good. ;o)